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In 1998-99, Martin Thorn and his Grade 6 French class created a small patch of perennials where broom had invaded on the slope outside the Middle School.

In 2000, a group created the Courtyard Garden in the open space surrounded by the Middle School building. This project continued through 2004, with many community donors. 

In recent years, EA's and teachers have planted a few veggies in the inner courtyard, while others have maintained the grapevines and ornamental perennials around the fish pond.


The inner courtyard includes picnic tables and other seating areas spaced around an area with exposed bedrock and shaded by large Douglas fir trees. A fish pond, surrounded by native plants, ornamentals and a grape-vine-covered arbor are located around the edges, as well as other flowers and shrubs. Some half-barrels and planter boxes contain veggies (chard and kale) and sometimes other herbs. 

Outside, there are three wooden planting boxes on the south slope under some Arbutus and Douglas fir trees, but they are not currently in use. 


All SIMS students were involved in a ceremony to begin carving a welcome pole in the Coast Salish tradition, led by Quentin Harris. The project will continue into the 2018-19 schoolyear. This welcome pole may be erected in the future garden as it is being carved where raised beds and a deer-fenced are planned to go.


Framed photo collages in the staff room at SIMS show many volunteers and list a great number of donors to the 2000-2004 project to establish the Courtyard Garden. 


In 2018, Foxglove Farm donated chard and kale starts. 


The raised beds constructed on the south slope of the school have no deer protection and therefore have been difficult to maintain. 


None at this time.


In 2018-19, Principal, Keiko Taylor, plans to construct a deer-fenced area with raised beds for a Middle School garden in this flat area, just off the parking lot. It has good sun exposure and was recommended by a group that looked into gardens at SIMS in the past. The Welcome Pole being carved there may be erected in this area, as well.


Principal Keiko Taylor can be reached at SIMS: (250) 537-1159 and

Michael Nickels with Seven Ravens Permaculture is helping with the new gardens 

Teacher Martin Thorn led past garden efforts. 

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