Nov-Dec All-District Focus

Two months of daily garden activities with all the classes at Salt Spring Elementary wrapped up on Halloween for me, and today is the first day of a two-month focus on school gardens at the District scale.

Without the scheduled class "garden club" times at SSE, I have more freedom to go deep on updating this website with school case studies, more time to reach out to other school garden champions, a chance to learn more online from school garden groups around the globe, and an opening to fix up some infrastructure and make plans for January through June. Maybe we`ll even put together a collective grant proposal or plan for all the school gardens in the District.

And, we have the FarmBucks to spend on local produce for schools right now, too.

I also arranged this time away from the students just in case my American mom, dad, sis or other family are able to come visit on Salt Spring, or if we go visit them and need to quarantine on return.

Now that Halloween is over, it's time for final garden clean-up, Remembrance Day, American Thanksgiving (I'm dual), and preparations for Christmas and holidays. I`m excited for this autumn-winter chapter in the 2020-21 Garden-based Learning School Year and curious what connections and insights it will bring!

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