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May 9-12: Poults & Circus

Over the weekend and Monday, beautiful Turkey Poults hatched in Sylvia's grades K-1 class incubator! These calm, sleepy chicks settled right into the brooder set up in their classroom and children enjoyed watching and holding them throughout the week.

To teach us more about turkeys, local heritage turkey breeder, Margaret Allan of Windrush Farm came to visit the poults (which she'd sourced for us from Mike Lane Ruckle Farm). She showed us the poults tiny snood bumps which will grow out into fleshy hanging snoods... To help, she brought a beautiful slate gray adult hen. We learned that turkeys are curious explorers and will often fly off, but will return home to food and coop at night.

Tuesday-Thursday, in order to help with the Tsunami Circus shows, I took the week off leading afternoon garden activities for most classes, and instead focused on wrapping up some grant administration (that funds all of this!), and watering our greenhouse seedlings.

Over the weekend, sold-out shows of the Tsunami Circus were thrilling and extraordinarily professional. We even nominated them for the Lieutenant Governor's Awards in Arts! I really enjoyed pitching in to help with this wonderful show!


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