Kicking-Off the Gulf Islands School Garden Guide!

This July-August, we're drafting a Gulf Islands School Garden Activity Guide/Calendar that hopefully will highlight and share many of the successes from all the school gardens, along with more ideas from elsewhere and from local experts, to boot.

Here's a draft layout below of the paper version, which would be well backed-up by online resources on this website. There could be four sections:

1 - Southern Gulf Islands Context - why we're unique (environment & culture)

2 - Highlights from each Gulf Islands School Garden (photos & successes)

3 - Seasonal & Monthly Calendar of Class Activities & Natural Science

4 - Resources from local to universal, plus contacts for mentors

Please get in touch if you have ideas or suggestions or know others who should be involved! Thanks in advance!

"Start with the end in mind" - here's a draft layout to fill in the blanks.

Website contact: Robin riverjenkinson<@>