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June Garden Wrap-up

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Over the last three weeks the schoolyear in June, we hatched over 60 quail in Tanya's grade 5-6, rare La Fleche chicks in Kari's kindergarten, and got all those pumpkins and popcorn planted, all while munching our way around the gardens, and playing with the school hens...

We also organized the last weekend mealkit of the year, this one for kids to cook a local-veg & tofu stir-fry for Father's Day, featuring produce from Bullock Lake, Duck Creek, and Bright Farms, local Soya Nova Tofu, plus Thrifty Foods, with help from Polly & Nick of the Ag Alliance's Gro Local campaign, funding from Thriftys, Island Savings, school families, and the SSI Cookie Co.

Here are some of the meals prepared by kids for their families at home:

Happy Summer all! See you in September ~


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