Flower Moon Eclipse to May Long

It was cloudy here Sunday night, during the "Super Flower Blood Moon" full eclipse on May 15th, but it set the tone for a week of change!

Monday the K-1 and K classes snacked with naan-hummus flower canapes -- we talked about the Canada Food Guide, and how the hummus is the protein, the naan the grains, and they needed to fill up the rest of their plates with fruits & veggies.

That afternoon, we also inaugurated the New Farmstand built by Tristan (Bentlee's dad) and funded by Learning for a Sustainable Future. It was fun stocking it with seedlings from the greenhouse, leftover pumpkin soup, and parsley and herbs.

Tuesday, it was raining at first, so Donna's grades 1-2 class met the turkey poults indoors. Then, Janisse's Grade 2 class came outside for more turkey fun.

Wednesday activities with Grades 3-4 were cancelled due to the windstorm that blew over a large pine tree onto the playground and totalled our geodesic dome outdoor event tent.

Thursday, the ECO Club met the ducklings that hatched from the incubator in Valeskca's Grade 6 French Immersion class, followed by the other Grades 5-6 & 6 classes, then we stocked the new farmstand with flowers, food, and tomato seedlings from Jill Schwartz.