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First of May to Mother's Day

Our camas bed in the SSE Hillside Garden was in full bloom for May Day:

Monday, the second, we started the day by candling the duck eggs in Valeskca's class.

In the afternoon, Kari and Sylvia's K and K-1 classes planted potato sacks! This year, Kathy Reimer with the Salmon Enhancement Group donated the recycled burlap coffee sacks along with sprouted seed potatoes. These potatoes will grow over the summer and will be harvested and enjoyed by students this Fall 2022, when they return.

They also loved relaxing and munching kale flowers on the haybale lounge, afterwards.

Tuesday, the grades 1-2 students in Donna and Janisse's classes were introduced to the SEEDING SQUARE, which is a great tool for intensive veggie gardening, made famous by Square Foot Gardening. This chart shows how many of each type of vegetable can be grown in one square foot of garden space. For example, you can grow only one broccoli, but 16 carrots, radishes or onions!

We calculated how many vegetables we could grow in a few square feet, and then used the seeding square to plant a total of 18 square feet of carrots -- 288 carrots total!

We also played with and fed the hens, and we harvested some green garlic for the Mothers' Day Weekend Mealkit:

Wednesday, Heidi and Katharine's classes continued with the Seeding Square, completing the planting of nearly 1,000 carrots to be enjoyed next fall. They also harvested more green garlic, weeded the pathways, and of course, played with the hens.

Thursday, Tanya and Valeskca's grades 5/6 and grade 6 classes started packing the Mealkits (and crushed the produce boxes for recycling). They also washed and cut green garlic and planted our final pea seedlings. Hope for sunshine so we get some pods to munch before school's out!

The ECO Club of GISS and SSE grades 5/6 students met on Thursday, too, and are focused on Climate Change actions and green transportation this month -- planning a community street party for Sunday, May 29th.

On Friday, Heidi's class and other students volunteered throughout the day to finish packing cheese, sunflower seeds, flowers and more. They packed out the 100 Mealkit bags with all the ingredients for a fancy spaghetti marinara dinner with flower salad, including local produce from Jade Rosen at Backwoods Farm and a set of candles from Pharamasave (to set the fancy dinner ambiance).

The bags were all snapped up after school by many appreciative families. One hundred young chefs are now equipped with plenty of snacks and ingredients for a fancy meal to fill their bellies and make their Mothers happy this weekend! (share your pics!)

BIG THANKS to Thrifty Foods, Island Savings, Pharmasave, and Backpack Buddies for sponsorship!


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