All this Happening

Updated: May 15, 2018

The sun is out, and the garden is in full swing. It's the weekend, but I still find myself thinking about the SSE garden, while planting more onions and tomatoes here in my own.

It's been a wild ride, this exciting project, and now that it's May, there's so much more to come. Here's a round-up of upcoming events:

- This week with classes: more woodchips to spread on trails, more seedlings to plant (lettuce and nasturtiums and onions), Kari's class working on

Garden Alphabet art, 6 more potato burlap sacks to plant, last herbs in the ELF garden, and one new hay-bale bed to fill and plant for spring! Maybe even make another haybale bed with the bench bales...

- Wednesday: boat to Mayne to share presentation about Gulf Islands Schools with the District PAC and tour the Mayne School Gardens, too!

- Friday: sell concessions at Artspring for funding for the Cob Benches ;)

- Week of May 14: watering, irrigation, water meter, greenhouse plans, rammed-earth art and snacks and advertising, soil sifting.

- May 21: Email save-the-dates to donors for the June Harvest Celebration.

- Week of May 21: final prep for rammed-earth, materials and machine clears the area.

- Weekends of May 26-27 & June 2-3 - RAMMED-EARTH WORKSHOPS!

- May 30: Jenny Redpath makes June Harvest invitations & sends them with Bridget's class.

- Week of June 4: gather clay and materials for cob... and make bench forms with classes & community!

- June 13: Harvest Celebration at SSE

- Weekend of June 16-17: Cob Bench base build.

- Week of June 18: plaster & mosaic Cob Bench with classes.

- Week of June 18 & 25th: plant summer garden seedlings and let it go to grow!

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